Meat Love Fresh Duck 800g

Meat Love Fresh Duck 800g

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FRESH FARMERS DUCK with apple and amaranth

• Single protein, 100% duck
• Gluten-free

Amaranth (Amaranthaceae) is among mankind’s oldest useful and medicinal plants and is considered to be a pseudocereal (looks like cereal, but is not cereal). Amaranth has a high concentration of protein and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. The proteins consist of many essential amino acids. The fat contained involves approx. 70% unsaturated fatty acids. Carbohydrates and dietary fibre are available in even amounts.


80% duck (composed of 68% duck meat and duck heart, 25% duck neck, 7% duck liver), 15% amaranth and 5% apple from food production

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 12,9%, crude fat 6,8%, crude ash 1,8%, crude fibre 1,2%, moisture 71,4%

Energetic feed value:

522 kJ/100g (124 kcal)

Ca = 0,19%, P = 0,14%